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Camo FW Unisex Shirt

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I love me a good camo shirt all times of the year. 
Thank you for everyone who grabs the FW brand shirts. 
It means the world to me. 

Why is my company called Fakewrenching?

When I got a Jeep many years ago I didn’t have any friends and I just worked 3 jobs.
I felt like I was missing out on friendship.

I ended up getting a TJ and just becoming obsessed with the entire Jeep Life.
I started getting interested in the building and wrenching part of it and started just filming small videos or posting photos of me wrenching. 
Of course trolls came out and started saying I was fake wrenching for social media.

I ended up running with it and making #fakewrenching decals and tons of people thought it was funny.

I was showing people that people can talk down on me but I don’t have to let them get to me because I know the passion in my heart.

When I decided to bring my apparel company back for a second time and really give it all I had..

I wanted to use Fakewrenching to remind me to stay strong, positive and never stop smiling.